To Hear Is To See

HÖREN IST SEHEN – TO HEAR IS TO SEE – OIR ES VER…/2005 / ISBN 3-9501957-9-3, 2005
Project HÖREN IST SEHEN – TO HEAR IS TO SEE – OIR ES VER, curator Gue Schmidt from Austria brings us art in the sphere of electronics, presented through the example of radio-art and sound sculptures. This triple CD contents 94 cutouts with the duration of about 2-3 minutes, of each soundwork of the project.

Project developed during 1995. The focus is on art in electronic space, for example radio art, sound sculpture or radio images, lasting anything from two minutes to two hours. Further, the exhibition, which brings to life a project with the motto “To Hear is to See”, moves on three levels of artistic content: IMAGE, SOUND and TEXT. The artists participating come from a variety of fields, such as literature, sculpture, film, painting, theatre and last but not least music.

The original concept was to invite artists to contribute a sound work with a length from 50 seconds to several hours combined with a photographic representation as an association to the sound work. This also implied the possibility for an invited artist who did not have a photographic representation of his or her sound work to invite on his or her part another artist or photographer to add such a work to the sound work in question. The same applied to the written contributions.


Boštjan Perovšek contributes with Dotiki 2 / Touchings 2. Description from the projects catalogue:

Yes, touching, physical, psychic or psychophysical. This is a basic communication tool with which we define the character of a further communication: verbal significant, sound, visual or with all elements interlaced. More or less we people know that we communicate in many ways, also with music. We built up the civilization environment of technical wonders and humanistic hesitations about them. We are not aware enough that even we are touched by the natural environment and that it tries to make us understand that it exists in all wonders, that we neglect it, ignore and pollute with everything that we get hold of, among others also with sound.