Sound Of Pillar

Boštjan Perovšek for “The European Society for Cardiovascular Surgery 53rd International Congress”, 2004
Power is not self-evident. Neither is it self-sufficient; to be constituted, it needs forces that shape and support it. Heart plays a key role in artistic creation; it is the source of emotions in metaphors. Furthermore, it is the centre of wisdom and the source of people’s physical power and courage – its pulse and sound form the main pillar of human existence.

The composition Sound of Pillar functions as the dialogue between an individual’s subjectivity with the interior of an artificial organism (hospital) that houses a myriad of lives and struggles for survival. It is like a magnet to the life forces of the present, past and future.

The basic sound material is represented by a recording of a heart operation that was carried out by Dr. Borut Geršak and his team in Ljubljana Medical Centre on May 18, 2004. Singular sounds and ambience in the operating room are in non-linear time sequence surrounded by the system of sonic transformation in a way so that real sounds give rise to reactions in preliminarily prepared combinations of digital oscillators and other sound generators. Real sounds are thus the initiators of new electro-acoustic sound pillar.