Boštjan Perovšek is a free-lance artist, musician and composer. He started his musical way in the second half of the seventies in the group for experimental music SAETA (Ljubljana, Slovenia). They did a lot of experimenting with the sound mass, the electroacoustic works prevailed. He gave performances over former Yugoslavia and throughout Europe. 

When Bostjan Perovsek decided for performing outside the group he wanted to open a different sound world. So in 1985 he got acquainted with the sound world of animals, specially of insects. At his work he collaborates with scientists from the bioacoustic field, so he named his music the bioacoustic music. He is interested specially in joining sound rhythmic and phraseological differences of insects' melodies. They are previously not treated with the sound processors or sampled and afterwards played in different tone position. The only manipulation is the composition itself, which interactingly connects different insects' melodies, sounds of electronic and acoustic instruments in the integrity while the listener many times diffically decides whether they are naturally or artificially produced sounds. Lately the composition Bugs, a Walrus and the Door are Dancing in a circle wass placed into the series 'Radio: Ars Acustica 1995-1996 Listening Proposals' in the framework of European Broadcasting Union ,Active and Associate Members, Ars Acustica Specialists.

He also works as a sound engineer for film and video as well as a composer. He made music for several documentary films for national TV Slovenia. Some of them are available in archive of TV Slovenia and some musical examples from those films are available also on this Site.
He makes music for public environments  and intermedia performances, dance performances, movies and also makes sound formations of public buildings like museums and galleries. 

One of the most important parts of his work is how to connect art and science. One of the result of such work was his composition put in the selection of the 10 compositions from Europe and United States, proposed by the Association of the European Radio Stations (EBU) for the period 1995-96, and performed within the programme “Radio Ars Acustica”. His attention is also put in the field of “experiment for events”. That is why he works also in the field of entertainment as sound designer like soundscapes for casino, public places, museums, galleries. He got the honorary Valvasor Award for sound in museums. Valvasor Award is the highest award for achievements in the field of museology. It has been conferred annually since 1998 by the Slovene Museum Society.